Many Wonder If “Reynolds Wrap” Dressed Jill Biden For The Grammy’s LOL


Why does Jill Biden dress like a sofa, an 80s hooker, a shower curtain, and now a hotdog wrapped in tinfoil? What is going on with this woman’s hideous fashion sense?

Why can’t she dress nicely? Well, wonder no more. I did some hunting, and as it turns out, Jill doesn’t use a stylist – which makes sense – becasuse I don’t care how crappy the stylist was, they wouldn’t dress her in those ghastly outfits she wears. She picks all her own ugly clothes and she uses “diverse” designers… code word for untalented.

Here’s what Vogue said: Jill Biden’s relationship to fashion seems to have been complicated by the pandemic. She is a very stylish person who even in jeans and a cashmere sweater over an untucked chambray looks totally pulled together. But for now, at least, she does not want to talk too much about it. It’s that reading-the-room thing: When you ask Dr. Biden a question that she does not want to answer, she flashes a winning smile that says very clearly, “Let’s move on.” Even Elizabeth Alexander, her communications director, looks uncomfortable when I bring it up. Dr. Biden doesn’t work with a stylist: “It’s all her,” Alexander says. Fine, then I’ll say it: She’s wearing a lot of Brandon Maxwell. She is also wearing a lot of young, emerging, and diverse designers. “I think that’s important: You try to lift up other people,” Dr. Biden says. “I like to choose from a diverse group of designers. When I was planning my Inauguration outfits, that’s one of the things I considered.”

I mean, this explains a lot, right?

It also explains why Jill appeared on the Grammy’s looking like an over-cooked hot dog in tinfoil…


Here’s what people are saying online:

“She’s so jarringly trashy, and it’s made so much worse when you recall who preceded her”

“Oh how nice, looks like Jill was sponsored by Reynolds Wrap.” 

“Alice Cooper??”

“She looks like Alice Cooper wearing a tinfoil gown” 

“Man, she’s looking rough.” 

“That red background represents the Ukrainian blood on their hands..”

I didn’t know Dee Snider was appearing at this years Grammys.”

“She looks like a an overcooked hotdog in tinfoil.”

“She could stuff that turkey neck and serve it for Thanksgiving” 

“Man, that is one saggy neck. She’s aged A LOT in these couple years.” 

My best advice for Jill, is to pick up the phone and humbly beg Melania Trump to give her the name of her stylist….Because we can’t take much more of this hideousness.


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