Marjorie Taylor Greene shows Hunter Biden sex pics


Marjorie Taylor Greene brought receipts of Hunter Biden paying for a plane ticket for a woman, likely for sex, constituting a potential violation of the MANN ACT.

She said: “Headed into the @GOPoversight IRS Whistleblower hearing on Hunter Biden and the rest of the Biden Crime Family. You don’t want to miss this.

“I would also like to say that when evidence and proof of a crime is presented, no prosecution should be denied no matter who the person is.

“Americans living on and near the Southern border didn’t have their safety threatened by the construction of the border wall, their safety was threatened by the criminals flowing across our open border.

“They were elated to have the security of a border wall.

She then brought out receipts of Hunter Biden paying for a plane ticket for a woman before she showed other lewd pictures from his laptop.

The Dems lost it.

Greene: “…Hunter Biden making sex tapes… Excuse me this is my time…”

Raskin: “Should we be displaying this in the committee?”

Comer: *Tries not to laugh*


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