Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants to Call Up Hunter Biden’s Foreign Prostitutes to Testify Before Congress


The House Oversight Committee is currently discussing potential witnesses connected to Hunter Biden’s corrupt international affairs.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) now believes that the House should call up Hunter’s alleged foreign prostitutes to see if they present a national security issue.

“We’re going to track down these women and talk to them and if there is a credible reason that we need to bring them in front of the Oversight Committee then absolutely we will do that. Especially when it involves our national security,” Greene said.

“I’ve been talking about it with Chairman Comer (R-KY) and we’re already working in that direction,” she said. “There was an entire stack of papers and it was each transaction, each person, each LLC, Hunter Biden’s law firm, Hunter Biden himself, and multiple Biden family members — then it was all these prostitutes.”

“And you can go through and it gives all the prostitutes’ names, addresses, birthdates, telephone numbers, their passports,” she added. “We need to talk to them, especially the ones from Russia and Ukraine. We need to find out where they were with Hunter Biden.”

“Did they go in the White House when Joe Biden was Vice President?” she asked. “We just need to know these things. Where they’ve been, what they know, what they’ve seen, what they’ve heard.”

Chairman James Comer appeared to consider Greene’s concerns about Hunter Biden’s affairs to be valid due to the possibility the prostitutes had been involved in human trafficking.

“Congresswoman Greene is very concerned about the possibility that the women being paid for prostitution by the President’s son who were foreign nationals were human trafficked,” he said. “She plans to lead a probe to determine if in fact they were human trafficked and if the Biden family has tried to intimidate them or cover the story up.”

“The Committee is also concerned that Hunter Biden used his professional corporation for non-business related expenditures and did not maintain proper books and records.,” he continued. “We are looking into all aspects of how Owasco P.C. was used to conceal payments to and from foreign nationals.”

An additional national security concern is that foreign intelligence agencies often use agents posing as prostitutes in “honeypot” operations.

Hunter’s attorney Abbe Lowell said: “Representative Greene’s unethical conduct arises from her continuous verbal attacks, defamatory statements, publication of personal photos and data, and promotion of conspiracy theories about and against Robert Hunter Biden.”

“None of these could possibly be deemed to be part of any legitimate legislative activity, as is clear from both the content of her statements and actions, and the forums she uses to spew her often unhinged rhetoric,” Lowell added.

However, Greene is not trafficking in “conspiracy theories.” The verified Hunter Biden laptop has extensive records pointing to his usage of foreign prostitutes.+

In laptop messages that tie to Hunter Biden’s account, there are numerous examples of Biden making bank payments to prostitutes, including Russian and Ukrainian prostitutes.

Hunter Biden’s records show dates, times, names, cellphone numbers, and financial records that would verify his involvement with the foreign prostitutes.

There are also images of Hunter Biden with prostitutes. Lots and lots of images, and far too many of them inappropriate to show in a news report.

While calling up the prostitutes that serviced Hunter Biden before the Congress would certainly make for outstanding political theater, Republicans typically don’t have the nerve for such theatrics.

In the meantime, the American people know the truth about Hunter Biden and are more interested in criminal investigations of his father, who happens to be the President of the United States.


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