Massive “USA! USA!” Chant Breaks Out As Trump Departs Jack Trice Stadium


In 2016, I believe President Trump used his MAGA Rallies to visually show the world how much support he had.

It was important to overcome the cheating because Americans simply would not accept that the man who filled stadium after stadium would lose to the woman who couldn’t fill up a high school gym.

It was very strategic.

The master showman at work, but this time it wasn’t just showmanship for showmanship sake, it was strategic to overcome the fraud.

That was a HUGE reason they had to roll out the COVID plan in 2020.

Can’t have those big crowds!

And everyone has to stay in bubbles 6 feet apart!

Under that guise, when Joe Biden draws a crowd of 20 people spaces out across the room, it’s not because he’s widely hated, it’s because COVID, duh!

But COVID is gone and we’re not falling for it again….

And the crowds are BACK!

After packing out an arena in South Dakota last night, Trump spent most of today in Ames, IA at the Iowa vs. Iowa State game.

And then this happened….

As he was leaving the stadium, massive crowds formed and a “USA! USA!” chant broke out.

This man is going to win in a landslide!

Trust your EYES!

These public displays of popularity are not by accident.

Trust what you are seeing, not what the MSM tries to sell you:

Here’s more from earlier in the day…

This Twitter account posted this video and they’re LITERALLY hoping you don’t actually play it.

Because there is massive cheering for Trump.

I hear no boos other than before Trump even steps out, which leads me to believe something else was going on.

When he steps out and waves to the crowd the crowd goes crazy!

Watch here:

More here:

MUST WATCH: Trump Throws Out Signed Footballs To Iowa Crowd

President Trump made an appearance at the Iowa vs. Iowa State rivalry football game on Saturday and was welcomed by a large crowd of fans.

During one part of his visit, Trump started to sign footballs and began to throw them out to the crowd.

As Trump was throwing out footballs the crowd started chanting “Donald, Donald, Donald.”

The 45th president knew what he was doing too because his form looked great.

Just look:

Trump was received well by both Iowa State and Iowa Fans.

Per Fox News:

Donald Trump is the big man on campus.

The former President is attending Saturday’s Iowa-Iowa State game, but he had to turn back the clock to the college days before the contest.

The game kicked off at 3:30 ET, so before the game, Trump had some time to pay a visit to the Iowa people.

Trump, 77, was spotted flipping some burgers at a tailgate with some fans.

Upon entering the stadium, a humongous crowd gathered around him for some raucous “USA” chants.

Trump also got a little busy on the grill:

Here’s what the Post Millennial reported:

Iowa State college students went wild for former President Donald Trump as he visited the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity at Iowa State University, grilled burgers, and threw autographed footballs to the crowd before the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game on Saturday.

Trump arrived at the house to a welcoming applause, but not to be outdone by the massive crowd outside who sang Alabama’s hit song Dixie Land Delight as the former president checked out the burgers on the grill.


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