Matt Gaetz Shocks Many With Unpopular Pick For New RNC Chair


I honestly can’t tell if he is joking or not, but if he is, it’s hilarious, if he isn’t, Matt Gaetz is an honorable man who gives credit where credit is due.

After leading the charge to oust Kevin McCarthy from his role as Speaker of The House, Matt Gaetz shocked the conservative world by giving McCarthy his full endorsement. Gaetz announced on Tuesday:

“I fully endorse Kevin McCarthy for RNC Chair. Kevin is well organized and a very high-revenue fundraiser. He will also be well-liked by the RNC Committee.

The RNC Chair doesn’t make any policy decisions, set any agenda, or negotiate against Democrats, ever. Kevin would be terrific.”

It remains to be seen who the next RNC Chair will be, but maybe McCarthy is the right person for the job. We are all created with strengths and weaknesses, if this were not the case then economics and trade wouldn’t exist.

Perhaps McCarthy made a terrible Speaker, but can truly shine as RNC Chair—which is mostly, but not completely, a fundraising position. Jimmy Carter was a horrible President but an excellent diplomat.

The division of labor works because we are all good at something—even Ronna McDaniel can be useful, just not as RNC Chair.

Here are just some of the picks being floated for RNC Chair, Scott Presler is overwhelmingly mentioned. I am familiar with Presler’s work and agree with the people—if anyone should be RNC Chair it is him.

According to The Hill:

In a Twitter Spaces appearance, Gaetz proposed revamping the RNC into a “skeletal system that raises money” without allowing it to play a role in influencing the party’s agenda.

Jennifer Lynn Lawrence exclaimed: “Bye bye GOP Chairwoman. You won’t be missed! Now that we have gotten rid of her, how do to nominate Scott Presler?”

Newsweek reports:

In November 2023, the GOP governing body reported its lowest bank balance at that point in any year since 2016, disclosures to the Federal Election Commission showed.

With $9.96 million in spending money, the RNC had less than half the $21.35 million it reported in the year Trump won the presidential election.


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