Megyn Kelly Drops Bombshell: “Fox News is trying to destroy Tucker, it’s drip drip drip every day, truly disgusting behavior”


Megyn Kelly broke her silence on Fox News leaking video footage of Tucker Carlson by saying the Rupert Murdoch-led network is trying to destroy its ex-star anchor. Kelly said:

“Fox News is trying to destroy Tucker (it’s drip drip drip every day with the hits). Truly disgusting behavior, most likely by their chief PR hack Irena Briganti but let’s face it – if her bosses wanted it to stop, it would.”

In one video Carlson tells someone who is off-camera, “You wouldn’t. Okay? I’m not, you know what, I’m not qualified on that score. I will say, I thought his girlfriend was kind of yummy.

“Just kidding, in case this is being pulled off the bird (Satellite). Hey, Media Matters for America, go f*ck yourseIf, I don’t even know what his girlfriend looks like. And if I did, I would not find her yummy.”

The transcript from another video is below:

TUCKER CARLSON: Everyone in this company is thrilled that you’re doing this. I’ve gotten more calls from people about it.

PIERS MORGAN: Oh, that’s great. Well, I got to say, when I came to New York a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t believe how welcoming and friendly everybody was. It was fantastic. I loved it.

CARLSON: Yeah, they really mean it from the owners on down. It’s cool. It’s cool to see it. I like that. It’s a good — you know, people are nice in this company, I think. They’ve always been nice to me, anyway.

MORGAN: I completely agree. Everyone’s been very, very friendly and very nice and I really appreciate it. But thank you so much for coming on.

CARLSON: Yeah I bet that doesn’t change. Of course! Of course.

MORGAN: It’s just great to have you on my show. I mean, I’ve been on yours enough times. It’s great.

CARLSON: I think it’s totally cool. So let’s —– is, if we’re going to talk about sex, I’d love to hit some of the fine points of technique, but, you know, but it’s your show. It’s totally up to you.

MORGAN: We can certainly talk about your sexual technique, especially after your tanning testicles last week.

CARLSON: Not mine! We’ll speak in more general terms, but I’ve got something to add.


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