Megyn Kelly: “We’re Not Done With Epstein Yet….And We May Be Hearing FROM Him DIRECTLY”


Did I tell you 2024 was going to be WILD and WEIRD?

Buckle up baby!

Because we’re only 4 days in and we’ve already had enough for an entire year!

Yesterday brought us the unsealing of the Epstein documents and today we learned that what we got was actually just Part 1 (40 out of 250+) documents and a lot more to come!

But right now I want to talk about Megyn Kelly (yes, her) and what she just said on her show….because it’s turning a LOT of heads.

She just said, and I quote:

“We’re not done with Jeffrey Epstein. I can tell you that for a fact. I can’t tell you how I know… you may be even hearing from him directly. More on that as I’m allowed to tell you.”

Watch for yourself right here:

Yes…not hearing “about” him but hearing “FROM” him:

Now the first thing I thought was, “is this an old video clip?”

Good question, right?

Well, it’s not.

I went to Megyn Kelly’s official TikTok page and it’s right there in the new videos, only 5 hours old as of the time this article is going to press — see it here:

@megynkellyshow #MegynKelly reacts to the breaking news of the Jeffrey Epstein documents. #megynkellyshow #news ♬ original sound – The Megyn Kelly Show

So if it’s not an old recycled clip, then what do we have here?

The most obvious and wild conclusion would be “Jeffrey Epstein DID NOT KILL HIMSELF!”

And that’s really not all that crazy of an idea at all.

In fact, remember how you’d get banned from social media a few years ago if you even dared to say those words?

So there’s obviously something they’re trying to cover up.

Tucker Carlson is also on the story….

Benny Johnson posted this video which included Tucker’s recent interview:

Tucker INTERVIEWS Epstein: ‘Jeffery DID NOT Kill Himself – I Have PROOF!’ Breaks The INTERNET🚨

Ok, so what do we make of all of this?

We have Tucker and Meg Kelly trying to perhaps warn the public about something big coming next?

We all know the official story that Epstein allegedly killed himself makes no sense, right?

Even Fox News had reported on several “inconsistencies” in the Autopsy:

Which all leads to something I posted on Twitter earlier today….

Before I saw Meg Kelly’s video.

Will it end up being prescient?

Can you even imagine?

You know those blackmail videos are out there somewhere.

Who has them?

How many copies?

You think the Epstein LIST is interesting?

You have no idea what those videos would do to the world.

What if the end to this horrible “movie” we’re watching ends with Donald Trump back in office and Jeffrey Epstein suddenly reappearing and releasing that footage?

Oh my, can you even imagine?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that extreme….

There could be a very similar outcome and perhaps what Megyn Kelly is alluding to, which would be Epstein is still dead but he recorded a “dead man’s switch” and saved that blackmail footage somewhere and now instructions on how to access it are being released.

That is EXTREMELY plausible.

Is that what we’re in store for next?

I want to know what you think….


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