Michelle Obama Shows Up To Jeopardy….Bald?


Heads up!

This is not a “new” story, but it’s new to me and might be new to you.

It apparently happened back in 2015 according to YouTube which says it was 8 years ago.

Not sure how I missed it back then but I did.

It’s popping back up today thanks to my friends over at Green Lives Matter who posted the reminder today on Twitter.

Take a look:

Everyone at Inside Edition was confused as Michelle Obama made a 2015 appearance on Jeopardy to talk about healthy cooking with what appeared to be a bald head.
Inside Edition came to the conclusion that she definitely doesn’t wear a wig and it just “looked” like she was bald…

— Green Lives Matter (@Ultrafrog17) August 5, 2023

Ok, so my first thought whenever I see something like this is to ask: is this real?  Is this faked?

So I went to the source….and it’s real folks.

Here is the official video from 2015 from Inside Edition’s YouTube page:

So they claim that her hair was just “pulled back” and awkward lighting.

Is that what it looks like to you?

Maybe, I guess?

I don’t really think so?

Why do they always continually tell us we can’t trust what our own two eyes are seeing?

The Earth is actually spinning at something like 1,000 mph, they tell us!

And yet, you don’t feel anything.

Also, have you ever wondered if the Earth truly is spinning like they say it is, then you would be moving MUCH faster at the Equator than you would say in Northern Canada, right?

Like many hundreds of miles per hour faster at the Equator by their math, and yet….if you’ve ever been to both places you don’t notice any difference do you?

But I digress…

That’s not really our topic here today.

Back to Michelle.

Commenters on YouTube are not buying it.

This one cracked me up:

And people remembering what Joan Rivers said (more on that below):

But this one really caught my eye…

This lady says she’s a hairdresser and the excuse they are giving is “not possible”:

So….what gives?

Is Michelle normally sporting a wig?


Now, do you remember what Joan Rivers said?

(Joan Rivers “died suddenly” before it was cool — too soon?  I think Joan would appreciate the joke)

Did Joan Rivers die of a plastic surgery mishap?


Maybe she did.

I don’t know.

I just know she died VERY shortly after making THIS 👇 comment about Michelle Obama…

Play the video below, it’s only 17 seconds:

Welcome to another edition of “I saved this video before Facebook, YouTube and Twitter could delete it forever!”

That’s right.

They want this absolutely wiped off the internet, but I saved it.

And it’s now safe on Rumble where it can’t be taken down.

Do you remember what Joan Rivers said right before she suddenly dropped dead?

What she said about OBAMA?

I do.

Take a look:

This is one of the most BANNED videos of all time! I’m just placing it here for safe keeping.

— President-Elect BeachMilk BeachMilk Tuesday, October 20, 2020

And backed up to Rumble:

And then she dropped dead days later?

When she was perfectly healthy?

But look folks, she isn’t the only one who thought this.

It’s actually pretty common knowledge.

Take a look:

In other words:


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