Mika Brzezinski Gives Biden Bad News


Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski warned President Joe Biden and his staff about his senior moments saying ‘they are gonna be played on a loop and are gonna hurt him.’ She said:

“Yeah, I think his staff needs to own his age. I’m just gonna be honest, I don’t think they do a good job helping out the president and I’m not talking about it like.

“I’m just saying if you are managing a president’s schedule, and you are managing a president getting on stage and getting off stage and getting on planes and getting off planes, and yes, he’s 80.

“You need to be there for him.

“And you need to make a pathway and you sure as hell better make sure he doesn’t fall on a sandbag! “And I blame the staff for that.

“I mean these are the things that are gonna hurt him, these are things that are gonna be played on a loop, ok?

“Let him do his job.

“Let him do his speeches.

“Let him work on policy.

“Let him do his connections in Congress unlike any president that we’ve seen I don’t know, since Clinton.

“But my God, make sure, you know, you’re Secret Service, you’re his staff, that you’re there and you’re telling him what’s next and it’s not becau-, don’t take this as ‘oh, he can’t even get from one place to another.’

“When you’re busy and you’re on stage, and we’ve been on stage, I’ve done speeches and I’m so nervous, I’m doing the speech, I’m trying to get it right, and when it’s done, I don’t know which way to go and I’m looking for direction.

“So do a better job, because you can’t have these video images of the president tripping, or the president like going the wrong way.

“It’s not going to work in this presidency because his age is going to be a factor.

“His age is going to be a factor and it’s your job to ensure he gets from one place to another.

“He can handle the presidency, you have to handle his schedule and where he goes.”

Joe Scarborough said “with every president, you have different strengths, you have different weaknesses” before admitting that Biden is “slowing down”

He added that management of the president’s schedule was the most important thing.

“That’s the easy part!” said Brzezinski.


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