Mike Pence REFUSES To Write GOD


Human Events Senior Editor pointed out a very interesting detail regarding Mike Pence’s latest tweet.

Posobiec pointed out that former Vice President Mike Pence wrote God without the o and wrote G-d.

Pence wrote “Praying for a swift recovery for my Friend and a Great Friend of America, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. G-d Bless Netanyahu.

Now, as some of you know some Jewish people will not write out the name of God or Lord but instead will write G-d or L-rd as a sign of respect.

However, many users thought it was bizarre Pence was assimilating to a law held by those who practice Judaism.

One person even commented “Does he know he’s running for office in America?”

Pence was also grilled for having a flag of Israel on his campaign donation site.

Take a look:

Now it’s not abnormal for Conservatives to show their support for Israel but Pence’s moves come after he stated the United States is not his concern:

Per Newsweek:

Former Vice President Mike Pence has hit out at Charlie Kirk after the conservative activist shared a misleading clip of the 2024 hopeful on social media.

Kirk, podcast host and founder of Turning Point USA, was one of numerous people to share footage of an interview Pence gave to former Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggesting that Pence is more concerned about protecting the people of Ukraine than he is dealing with issues in the United States.

In a tweet on Friday, Pence labeled the video as “fake news” while sharing a longer version of the interview he gave at the Family Leadership Summit in Des Moines, Iowa, in which it is clear the former VP was dismissing suggestions that he was not concerned about improving the lives of people in the U.S.

The MAGA attempt to smear Pence comes as the former vice president is launching his own bid for the White House, in which he is currently behind both former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the polls.


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