MTG torches Laura Loomer, says Trump should never hire this “mentally unstable and documented liar”


Marjorie Taylor Greene has responded to the reporting that Trump is set to hire crazy Laura Loomer, claiming she’s mentally unstable and a documented liar”.

Taylor wrote a long tweet in response to the report and I’ve got it for you below:

Laura Loomer is mentally unstable and a documented liar.

She can not be trusted.

She spent months lying about me and attacking me just because I supported Kevin McCarthy for Speaker and after I had refused to endorse her last election cycle.

She loves the alleged FBI informant and weirdo Nick Fuentes.

She tried to get hired on the Ye campaign after the infamous Maralago dinner, but Kanye West refused to hire her so now she’s running to Trump.

Never hire or do business with a liar.

Liars are toxic and poisonous to everything they touch.

I’ll make sure he knows.

MTG is the one who suggested the other day a comparison to Trump getting arrested and Jesus getting arrested.

Now she’s aiming all her fire at Loomer and she’s going to try and prevent Trump from hiring her.

We’ll see if MTG is successful…or not.


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