New 2024 Dem Party Candidate Drops Brutal Truth; Primary Is Rigged For Biden


Marianne Williamson, a Democratic contender for president in 2024, claimed on Sunday that President Joseph Biden had benefited from “rigging” of the primaries by the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Williamson became the first Democrat to declare a run for president this cycle when she declared on Saturday that she would run again. Williamson discussed economic unfairness and advocated for free public education, paid family and sick leave, and universal health care.

Williamson said that the DNC shouldn’t be manipulating the system. They no longer even attempt to pretend. They even openly admit to influencing the election season. They are pretty outspoken about it.

Williamson referenced the DNC’s selection of South Carolina over New Hampshire as the opening Democratic primary state, where Biden did well in the 2020 election cycle. Biden approved with the DNC’s strategy.

Williamson stated that the electorate should make the decision. “The DNC shouldn’t make decisions for us.”

Less than a year after announcing her candidacy for the Democratic nomination, Williamson withdrew owing to a lack of support. She then supported Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent senator who also dropped out.

Williamson also criticized the DNC in 2020, stating the Democrats neglected to mention “real policy to help address systematic racism” during their convention.


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