NEW: Conservatives EXPOSE Trump-Hating Judge’s Extremely Bizarre Hobby


The New York judge giving former President Donald Trump a hard time in his civil real estate case is a gym rat and has habitually posted half-naked photos of himself flexing in front of the mirror.

Judge Arthur Engoron, who has made a habit out of mockingly smiling at President Trump and mugging for the cameras while in court, has apparently posted many shirtless photos of himself in a high school alumni newsletter that he edits. The photos were posted online to the Wheatley School newsletter before being removed following reporting by opposition research group Marco Polo.

Some of the images, labeled “Bonus Photos,” appear to show Judge Engoron documenting his progress in the gym. The photos, which can seen below, show him amid his physical growth from a skinny and frail old man to a slightly more muscular version of himself. The photos were taken less than a year apart.

While gym selfies are a tried and true hobby for youth, it’s unusual to see someone of Judge Engoron’s advanced age doing the same. The revelation is especially embarrassing considering the significant scrutiny he is under while overseeing a case against President Trump that New York Attorney General Letitia James brought alleging his company inflated the value of its real estate empire by billions of dollars.

On Monday, President Trump took the stand in his own defense and frequently sparred with Judge Engoron who admonished him for refusing to answer questions. President Trump spent part of his time to rebuke Engoron for bias in the trial as demonstrated by his frequent laughter whenever attacked by the president. Judge Engoron has issued fines against the president for criticizing members of his courtroom, rudely interrupted the president’s lawyers, targeted President Trump’s children, and bragged he has the power to change a jury’s verdict.

President Trump has maintained his innocence and said the value of his real estate, including Mar-a-Lago, was valued independently by banks that offered advantageous loans and other financial assistance based on fair market value. Indeed, attorneys for the Trump empire have demonstrated how Mar-a-Lago is exponentially larger than the properties surrounding it but was curiously undervalued at $18 million by the New York Supreme Court.


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