New Trump Photo Rocks The Web, Reveals 45th President’s Musical Taste!


Time to take a break from all the doom and gloom and seriousness of the news.

A candid photo taken of President Trump, that has since gone viral, is garnering a lot of attention all over social media.

The photo, taken without the 45th President knowing, shows him holding an iPad and browsing through a selection of songs—Sinatra songs.

That’s right, Trump is a Sinatra fan. I gather he must also be a fan of Motown music, as he regularly takes the stage at rallies to Sam & Dave’s famous classic “Hold On, I’m Coming.”

As a Sinatra fan myself, I just have to point out that Sinatra was also arrested and has a famous mugshot—as do many American musical heroes.

Getting arrested, and getting charged, these things don’t diminish a person, not in an empire of lies! We celebrate all these artists and their mugshots have been turned into art. The Trump mugshot is part of that time-honored tradition.

One day teenage kids will wear pop culture T-shirts with that mugshot on them. Take a look at the photo and the reactions below:

According to National World:

Frank Sinatra – The legendary singer and actor was arrested in 1938 in New Jersey for seduction and adultery, charges that were later dismissed.

His mugshot reportedly gave Sinatra the “bad boy” reputation that led him to star in over 40 movies, including the popular films “From Here to Eternity,” “Guys and Dolls,” and “Ocean’s Eleven.”

One individual wrote: “Democrats think perp walking Trump and taking his mugshot will destroy Trump and discourage MAGA Country. Wrong! We’ll put it on T-shirts like Frank Sinatra’s and campaign on it!”

Daily Mail had this to say about the mugshot:

The photo is already appearing on merchandise and being used by some as a rallying cry for Trump’s campaign.

It is likely to go down in history as one of the most famous pictures, not just mugshots, of all time.

Trump now joins singer Frank Sinatra, rock and roll icon Elvis Presley and actor Hugh Grant on a list of world-famous mugshots.


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