Newt Gingrich Issues Warning To USA About Bidens


Former Speaker Newt Gingrich said Saturday that even The Washington Post and New York Times may soon be forced to admit that the United States has a “huge problem” with the Biden family.

Talking to Brian Kilmeade on One Nation on Fox News, Gingrich said there may be “a criminal family sitting in the White House.” The discussion centered around an FBI document GOP Senator Chuck Grassley released.

KILMEADE: Your reaction to the so-called 1023 interview form that’s now released? What’s most striking to you?

GINGRICH: Well, coming every week, we get more information every week. The information corroborates what we’ve already suspected. What this says to me is that it’s very possible that there was a direct payment to the then-Vice President of the United States.

It’s certainly even more likely that there were payments that were funneled through Hunter to Joe Biden.

And the evidence just keeps mounting up every single week.

“At some point, the dam is going to break and even The New York Times and The Washington Post are going to recognize that we have a huge problem on our hands.

“We may have a criminal family sitting in the White House that took money from foreigners in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and China.

“Now, that’s a pretty sobering comment that has huge national security implications and also just basic honesty implications.


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