Nikki Haley — EXPOSED


I don’t think she has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the primary, but nevertheless I want to make sure we take those odds all the way down to zero.

Because we do not need the war-mongering NEO-con RINO anywhere near our Government.

So now I give you Nikki Haley exposed….in her own words.

Here is a wonderful montage of 3 minutes of Nikki Haley telling you EXACTLY who she is.

And it ain’t someone I want as President or anywhere in Government for that matter.


No Nikki Haley.

Watch for yourself:


Vivek Ramaswamy Reveals Nikki Haley’s Real Name

Vivek Ramaswamy took a jab at Nikki Haley on his campaign website.

In a new post, Ramaswamy called out Haley for claiming that he doesn’t support Israel.

The Vivek campaign wrote “WRONG. Keep lying, Nimarata Randhawa.”

The post continued “The desperation is showing. By the end of Vivek’s first term, the US-Israel relationship will be deeper and stronger than ever because it won’t be a client relationship, it will be a true friendship.”

Nimarata Randhawa is Nikki Haley’s birth name but since childhood, she has been called by close friends and family Nikki.

Here’s what Fox News shared:

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is hitting back at GOP nomination rival Vivek Ramaswamy, who called her “lying Namrata (sic),” referencing her given Indian name and originally misspelling it on the website.

On a new page on the newcomer’s campaign website called “TRUTH. Over myth,” Ramaswamy, a multi-millionaire biotech entrepreneur, author, and culture wars crusader, attempts to set the record straight on Haley’s recent jabs at his foreign policy positions.

One such criticism is Ramaswamy’s position on U.S. support to Israel, an accusation leveled by Haley last week during the first GOP presidential nomination debate – and reiterated on Monday at Haley’s town hall in Indian Land, South Carolina.

“WRONG. Keep lying, Namrata (sic) Randhawa. The desperation is showing,” Ramaswamy’s website read earlier today. It has since been updated with the correct spelling for Haley’s birth name.

“Nimarata Randhawa” appears to be a reference to Haley’s birth name of Indian origin, but it leaves out “Nikki,” which is her legal middle name that she goes by.

Per Times of India:

Indian-origin Republican candidate Nikki Haley has lashed out at her GOP rival Vivek Ramaswamy after the entrepreneur’s “childish” reference to her Indian birth name on his website.

The two Indian-origin candidates, who are vying for a Republican nomination for the 2024 US Presidential polls, have been taking potshots at each other over the last few weeks with the GOP race getting intense.

Haley has called out Ramaswamy for his “lack of foreign policy experience” and has been targeting him over his position on America’s ties with Israel.
During the GOP debate last week, the former South Carolina governor said that Ramaswamy wants US to stop funding Israel. Haley repeated her charge at Monday’s town hall.

Hitting back, Ramaswamy’s campaign website referred to Haley by her birth name and said that her “desperation is showing”.

“WRONG. Keep lying, Namrata (sic) Randhawa. The desperation is showing,” Ramaswamy’s website read earlier with an incorrect spelling of her birth name. The spelling was later rectified.
Nimarata Randhawa is Nikki Haley’s birth name

Here’s what led to Vivek calling out Nikki on his campaign site:


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