No Transparency For President Trump’s Federal Trials


Federal cases have never been televised; however, new provisions are changing the nature of how federal trials are handled.

According to sources, a governing committee that issues rules for the U.S. court system updated the regulations and procedures for how to handle the televised broadcast of federal cases.

As per those new rules, civil and bankruptcy cases being arbitrated on the federal level may be live-streamed to the American public.

These new rules don’t cover criminal cases though—this means President Trump’s federal indictment cases will essentially happen behind closed doors.

Washington Examiner reports: “Donald Trump indictment: Federal criminal trials won’t be televised under updated rules.”

Senior legal correspondent at The Messenger, Adam Klasfeld claimed: “There was “no debate” on whether to allow broadcasting of Trump’s trials, according to a press briefing of the U.S. judiciary’s main administrative body meeting. The revised rules don’t allow audio or video of criminal proceedings.”

The Epoch Times explained:

The current rules for federal court proceedings prohibit video or photography inside courtrooms.

That rule applied when the former president was arraigned earlier this year in two federal cases in which prosecutors allege that he tried to overturn the 2020 election and for allegedly mishandling classified documents after he left the White House.

“Watch the televised Georgia Trump hearing now, and you will see why it is essential for the federal January 6 trial to be livestreamed as well. Americans deserve to watch and hear these trials directly. They shouldn’t depend solely on intermediaries using courtroom sketches,” writer and NBC consultant Michael Beschloss said.

Previously, cheating, lying Adam Schiff went on the air to tell the media:

“Donald Trump’s trial in Georgia will be televised. His federal trials need to be as well. In order for the American people to have maximum confidence in the verdicts, whatever they may be, they should be able to watch the proceedings for themselves, unadulterated by spin.”

Washington Examiner reports that Democrats are calling for a televised trial:

Such rule changes mark a slight nudge forward for transparency in the federal court system as dozens of House Democrats and some Republicans have called on the body to make limited exceptions for cameras in the federal district court, specifically over Trump’s criminal cases over alleged attempts to subvert the 2020 election results and alleged mishandling of classified documents.


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