Oprah To Trump: “We Would Make A Good Team!”


You might not realize it, but Donald Trump and Oprah go way back…

By all accounts they used to be good friends.

Of course now Oprah has gone Far-Left (perhaps she always was) and Donald Trump is Ultra MAGA (we know he always was, but more on that in a moment…).

So it’s very interesting to take a look back in history and see how everyone treated Donald Trump before he tried to save America.

They all loved him…until they were told to hate him:

And here’s the latest…

A note that Oprah sent to President Trump years ago has now resurfaced and shows just how two-faced she has become.

Here’s a close-up:

It’s the last line that’s catching all the attention:

“Too bad we’re not running for office, what a team!”

And now that the letter has surfaced Oprah is in full damage control mode trying to explain why (gasp!) she would ever send such a nice letter to Donald Trump.


Backup here on Rumble:

Of course she tries to spin it as he would have been her running mate.

In what world is she living in where that makes sense?

No way DJT would ever have done that, not even in the 1980s.


Related….also, anyone remember this?

Wow, sick stuff:

Also related, here is our man back in 1988 telling Oprah exactly what he’d do if needed…

….if it ever came to it….

….if things ever got so bad he had to step in.

Wow, very prophetic.

Check this out:

Donald Trump Told Oprah Exactly What He’d Do If Needed…In 1988!

Donald Trump is a big thinker.

And a LONG RANGE thinker.

Exhibit A, his interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1988 when the talk show queen asked him if he’d ever run for President.

His response was perfect.

He said only if things go really bad!

(cue 8 years of Obama and you have “really bad”!)

He also told her some detailed plans and it sounds EXACTLY like Donald Trump in modern times!

The man is steady as a rock!


HISTORIC: #40 and #45 Shake Hands:

Looks to me like Oprah has changed, but Donald J. Trump is exactly the same as he always has been!

And THAT is called integrity and character.


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