Photo of Kari Lake Refusing to Stand for “Black National Anthem” at Super Bowl Goes Mega Viral…


The Super Bowl was played in Arizona this year, so it’s no surprise that America First patriot Kari Lake was in attendance.

However, she was not happy with everything that went on during the festivities. Mainly, the fact that the NFL had the “Black National Anthem” played at the big game. Many people see this as very divisive and just another way to divide our nation. After all, that’s what Democrats do best, isn’t it?

So, what exactly is the “Black National Anthem”?

Well, it’s a 19th-century hymn called, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” which has been dubbed the “black national anthem.”

It was performed by actress and singer Sheryl Lee Ralph before the American National Anthem and “America the Beautiful” as part of the opening ceremonies of the game.

Here is part of that performance:

Fox News reported that the NFL’s pre-Super Bowl festivities will include a rendition of the Black national anthem for the third consecutive year. Even as the league had “Lift Every Voice and Sing” on the docket for weeks, the inclusion of the song stirred debate on social media.

Sheryl Lee Ralph, the star of the comedy series “Abbott Elementary,” will perform the song at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Country music star Chris Stapleton will sing the national anthem and R&B artist Babyface will sing “America the Beautiful.”

But it was the inclusion of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” that had NFL fans talking early Sunday.

Of course, the anthem stirred debate like this:

When the “Black Anthem” was played, Kari Lake did not stand, and somebody caught a photo of it, and it went crazy viral.

Here’s the photo that has gone viral:

Kari did stand for the US National Anthem. Which, by the way, many are saying was the best performance ever…

But what do you think about this controversy? Do you believe there should be two anthems?

And why stop there?

Why doesn’t every race, and so-called “gender” get their own anthem? Then we can spend 16 hours playing song after song so everybody feels “represented.”

Wouldn’t that be fun?

I think the division and hate being peddled by the left is wrong, and is turning this country into a powder-keg, and it shouldn’t be this way.


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