Police Report Shows Evidence of Massive Voter Fraud During 2020 Election


Michigan State Police investigated voter fraud a month before the 2020 election.

This comes from a state that is considered a swing state. A state that President Trump won in 2016.

Somehow, Biden won the state by 150,000 votes while rarely leaving his home to campaign.

There were already reasons to question the election in Michigan.

Claims such as these were dismissed as election denier nonsense.

With this new evidence from The Gateway Pundit, further investigations are warranted.

The police report shows that a woman dropped off 8,000 to 10,000 voter registrations to the Muskegon City Clerk.

The number of new registration was unusual, so City Clerk Ann Meisch reported it to the Muskegon Police Department.

From the Gateway Pundit article:

The Muskegon Police Department was contacted and asked to investigate. On 10/21/20 First Lieutenant Mike Anderson was contacted by Tom Fabus, Chief of Investigations for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Office. According to the MI State Police report, Mr. Fabus asked for Michigan State Police assistance with a joint investigation of alleged voter fraud being conducted by the Muskegon Police Department and the AG.

The report also states the Meisch was suspicious of the ballots because many of them were filled out with the same handwriting.

It wasn’t just the quantity of registrations. There was clearly more to this.

The police report states that Meisch continued to look into the irregularities.

Meisch investigated further and found that phone numbers on multiple forms were erroneous and signatures on multiple forms didn’t appear to match signatures on file with the Department of Secretary of State. Examples included an address in the and another in the [REDACTED]

Those addresses do not exist in the Muskegon City house numbering system. Another form listed 80 W. Southern Ave which is the address for Muskegon High School and is clearly not a residence.

It just gets deeper from there.

The police interviewed the woman who dropped off the registration cards. Her name was redacted from the report.

She told them who she worked for (also redacted) and what that she was paid to fine unregistered voters.

Originally, she told police that canvassers were paid by the number of forms they turned in.

She later said they were paid hourly.

Also, she revealed she done this in Muskegon, Detroit, Ypsilanti, Southfield, Flint, and Lansing.

During the investigation, several people interviewed said that there signatures did not match the completed voter registration.

The report leaves out several of the business names; however, there is one that remains, GBI Strategies.

X (formerly Twitter) user KanekoaTheGreat posted some more information regarding this.

GBI Stategies received over $11 million to register voters.

Plus, KanekoaTheGreat states that GBI received over $4 million dollars from Democratic election committees.

In a follow-up article, The Gateway Pundit states the following:

When the police inspected the GBI Strategies office near Muskegon they found semiautomatic guns, silencers/suppressors, burner phones, a bag of pre-paid cash cards, and incomplete registrations, in an office space that was styled as an eyeglasses store that had gone defunct.

With all of this evidence gathered by Michigan State Police, they felt the need to send the case to the FBI.

That is where the investigation ended.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has been vocal about the integrity of the Michigan election.

Even though she knew that there was an active investigation involving the many cities in the state.

Nessel’s Chief of Investigations contacted the lead investigator for this case on October 21, 2020.

Unfortunately, the Michigan Attorney General is charging Republicans for claiming Trump won the state.

Michigan State Senator Ruth Johnson gave this comment to The Gateway Pundit.

“My estimate is over 800,000 ballot applications were sent to non-qualified voters in Michigan, including many individuals who moved or died, and even some individuals who were underage or non-citizens. Many were sent to people who had moved out of state.”

That is a massive number of ballots for a state that was won by 150,000 votes.

President Trump is being indicted for claiming that something wasn’t right about the election.

This is the type of evidence that indicates something happened.

Now is the time to share this information with nation.

If this sounds like conspiracy theory nonsense, go read the police report.

The Gateway Pundit has made it available for everyone to view.

With any luck, new investigation will arise from this great reporting.

If nothing else, this proves that something was clearly off in the state of Michigan during the vast election.


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