Political Radio Host Says the Bush Family is “Tangled Up” With the Ron DeSantis Campaign


WOR Radio host Mark Simone claimed on FOX News over the weekend that the Bushes are “tangled up” with Ron DeSantis’ campaign.

Simone also said that Karl Rove is involved with the campaign.

“He’s not great as far as campaign skills. He may get there but he doesn’t have them yet,” Simone said, referencing DeSantis.

“Who’s running his campaign?” a FOX News host asked Simone.

“The Bushes are all tangled up with him,” Simone replied.

“I assume he’ll [Karl Rove] be the coach on the field,” Simone added.

“I think he’s been advising him [DeSantis].”


“Who is supporting DeSantis? Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, Paul Ryan and all of the worst never-Trump globalist donors. Ron is totally owned and controlled by them because he’s a Trojan Horse for the RINO establishment,” Donald Trump Jr. said.

Meanwhile, reports from RealClearPolitics said Donald Trump’s campaign is taking the initiative to ‘blackball’ anyone who worked for Ron DeSantis.

As Ron DeSantis emerges as a prospective rival for the Republican nomination, Donald’s Trump campaign has put word out that anyone who works for the Florida governor will be blackballed.

According to sources with direct knowledge of the edict, Justin Caporale, who helps lead the advance team for the former president, has said that anyone who staffed a recent DeSantis book tour will be considered “persona non grata.” A top Trump ally was more comprehensive, telling RealClearPolitics that the prohibition would apply to more than just the junior aides tasked with setting up folding chairs and hanging banners.

“It’s a time for choosing,” the source close to the former president said. “If you work for Ron DeSantis’ presidential race, you will not work for the Trump campaign or in the Trump White House.”

In recent interviews, Ron DeSantis said he wouldn’t consider being Trump’s running mate.

Donald Trump said he hadn’t considered the Florida governor as his pick for vice president.

In light of DeSantis’ remarks about Trump last week, donors and allies of the Florida governor reportedly now wonder if he should wait until 2028 to run for president.


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