President Trump Gives MASSIVE Hint In Truth Social Post – Were YOU paying attention?


Yesterday was an important day for Republicans and, more importantly, for President Trump’s supporters.

After three weeks with no Speaker in the House, Republicans finally voted on Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana as the new Speaker of the House.

What’s important is that Mike Johnson is a massive supporter of President Trump.

Speaker Johnson was on President Trump’s legal team in BOTH impeachment hearings.

President Trump even posted this video on his Truth Social page yesterday:

Okay, so where am I going with this?

Well, let me show you President Trump’s very critical post yesterday.

On the surface, President Trump congratulates Rep. Mike Johnson on his new role as Speaker.


Take a closer look.

Why is “Speaker” in quotes?

Well, here’s the thing.

We don’t exactly know yet.

However, I believe it points to something that was trending just a few days prior.

That’s right.

Speaker Trump.

Some floated the idea that President Trump could become Speaker Trump.

It was a fun idea, but it couldn’t be serious, right?

Well, what if President Trump just became the Speaker through Speaker Johnson?

It is starting to make sense why President Trump put “Speaker” in quotations around his Truth Social post.

Rep. Johnson isn’t the genuine Speaker of the House.

Instead, he is the Speaker for President Trump.

Watch this moment where Mike Johnson speaks on scripture:

Speaker Johnson is 100% on our side.

Watch this vital clip:

This leads us to my final point.

Now that’s Rep. Mike Johnson is the Speaker of the House.

That puts him in the second position for Presidential succession, right behind Vice President.

Remember that no one has to die for Presidential succession to occur.

Here are the five reasons for succession to take place:

Becomes incapacitated



Is unable to hold office

Is removed from office

Biden is struggling with his mental and physical health.

But, even ignoring that, a mountain of evidence on the Biden crime family becomes more apparent each day.

The most important takeaway is that President Trump will likely be directing Speaker Johnson on what to do.

Keep faith, everyone.

The 2024 election is close.


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