President Trump Not Listed As “Former President” At White House Visitor Center!


My friends, you are going to LOVE this one!

Here’s how he describes himself and his work:

PenguinSix is an apolitical guy in a political town who likes to walk a lot. He has hiked over 17,000 miles (27,000kms) in the past six years and is still walking today. He is an American expat who spent the last decade in Hong Kong with his family and is now back in Washington DC, continuing his daily ritual of taking very long hikes around the city catching the sights and sounds of the city while live streaming to share with others. History, culture, life as an expat (with reverse culture shock), and the pitiful Chinese food in Washington DC are regular topics of discussion.

My summary?

He lives in Washington, D.C. and he often investigates things “live on the scene” for those of us who don’t live there.

A request video today, from some of you who asked if I could go to the White House Visitor’s Center and check the wall of former Presidents to see if it has been updated. Well, you asked and I answered–here you go. We also see the Vice President’s Motorcade spin into the White House, Marine One lifting off with someone visible through the window, and barely caught Air Force One flying over me on my way out to the country.

Interested to see what he finds?

I don’t want to spoil it too much for you but let’s just say the “Wall of Former Presidents” located in the White House Visitor Center does NOT have an end date for President Trump!

Yes, it’s real.

Nearly TWO YEARS into the alleged Biden Residency, and this has not been updated?

Are they just too busy?

Just forgot?

I highly doubt it.

Watch the video for yourself, including a really sweet Marine One landing…he films the entire area and even shows some places where Biden is referenced, so you will have to judge for yourself what you think after you watch.


Here are some stillshots I took from the video:

Zoom in:

And here are three comments I thought were right on…

Especially “C Mehl” with a GREAT question…

Have you ever seen this?

I haven’t either:

What do you think?


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