President Trump Releases Message On Deadly Maui Wildfires


President Trump released an official statement on the deadly Maui wildfires on Monday afternoon.

Trump in a video stated, “I would like to offer my sympathy and warmest regards to the people of Hawaii and specifically to those who were hurt by the tragedy of the wildfires in Maui.”

The 45th president went on to say “The sad thing is it should have never happened. Our government was not prepared.”

Trump then proceeded to call out the Democrat governor of Hawaii for blaming the wildfires on climate change.

Watch Trump give his message here:

Trump also called out Biden for saying he had no comment on the tragedy that occurred Maui.

Here was Biden’s message to the people of Maui:

Trump’s message to the people of Maui is far more presidential than Biden’s message.

The death toll is now nearing close to 100 in Maui.

Per CBS News:

The death toll in Hawaii from the deadliest U.S. wildfire in more than a century ticked toward 100, fueling criticism that government inaction contributed to the heavy loss of life.

At least 99 people were confirmed to have died as of Monday, but officials warned the figure was likely to rise as recovery crews with cadaver dogs work their way through hundreds of homes and burned-out vehicles in Lahaina. =

“There are more fatalities that will come,” Hawaii Gov. Josh Green told “CBS Mornings.” “The fire was so hot that what we find is the tragic finding that you would imagine, as though a fire has come through and it’s hard to recognize anybody.”

The historic coastal town on the island of Maui was almost entirely destroyed by the fast-moving inferno Tuesday and Wednesday, with survivors saying there had been no warnings.


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