President Trump: “We Know The Results of the 2020 Election!”


This is about the 5th article I’ve written just today on all the (not so) coded messages from President Trump’s two Iowa Rallies today.

But this one may be my favorite of all.

He’s been hinting and telling us all along that he won 2020, that he knows he won 2020, that they have evidence for it, but today he just came right out and said it: “WE KNOW THE RESULTS OF THE 2020 ELECTION!”

Folks, I told you all along that they recorded everything in realtime!

Watch here:

Backup here:

And in hindsight makes me look at this MUCH closer:

President Trump: I Ran Twice, I Won Twice, And We May Have To Do It Again…

President Trump is giving an incredible Rally tonight in Ohio!

Are you watching it?

He looks VERY calm and relaxed, anyone else noticing that?

He also looks to be in much better health and shape than a few years ago.

He looks YOUNGER and he looks like he has even more energy than before, if that’s even possible!

And now I want to bring you the section where he talks about the election…

This is short but worth it.

He says flat out he won, that it was rigged and stolen, and that he may have to run again.

I find “may” interesting, because it leaves open the idea that other options are in play first (and likely before 2024).

Watch here on Rumble:

How about you?

A lot more here:

President Trump: “One Year Is A Very Long Time, It’s Not Acceptable”


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