Project Veritas Has Gigantic Screens Playing Undercover “Gain of Function” Video On Loop, Outside Pfizer HQ


Oh boy, Project Veritas is not letting go. They’re like a dog with a bone right now, and that bone is named “Pfizer.” And trust me, they’re not letting go. This all stems from the latest undercover video from Project Veritas which exposed a doctor who is supposedly affiliated with Pfizer and claims the Big Pharma company is doing all sorts of ghoulish things with the COVID virus and vaccine. This man, who’s name is Dr. Jordon Walker, was on a Tinder date with a man, when he spilled all this tea. The problem was, his date, was filming for Project Veritas.


Techarp reported that Project Veritas recently released a “sting” video, in which they appeared to have entrapped Jordon Trishton Walker, who was identified as the Pfizer Director of Research and Development Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning.

In that viral video, Jordon (JTW) who was trying to impress his Tinder date – an undercover Project Veritas journalist (PV), claimed that Pfizer was thinking of mutating the COVID-19 virus using Directed Evolution.

When his Tinder date / undercover Project Veritas journalist suggested that it was Gain-of-Function, Jordon insisted that Directed Evolution was different from Gain-of-Function.

The undercover video got tens of millions of views and eventually, Pfizer had to respond to it and admitted to “some” gain of function funny business, which only made matters worse for the ghouls.

Well, now, Project Veritas has upped the ante. They parked a van with giant digital billboard right outside NYC Pfizer headquarters that displays footage of Dr. Walker on hidden cameral, claiming that Pfizer is deeply involved in gain-of-function experimentation.

Fox News reported that Project Veritas taunted Pfizer with an LED truck parked outside of the drug manufacturer’s New York City headquarters on Tuesday after the investigative journalism group put a spotlight on alleged plans to mutate COVID.

Last week, Project Veritas, a right-wing guerilla journalism outfit, published footage of a man described as Pfizer director of research and development Jordon Trishton Walker telling an undercover Project Veritas journalist that the company was exploring plans to “mutate” the COVID virus themselves through “directed evolution.”

“That is not what we say to the public,” Walker said during the video that has been viewed more than 27 million times on Twitter alone.

Man, this is a PR nightmare for Pfizer… Good.

More of this, please…


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