Prophetic Word: An Attempt To Shoot The President


Longtime readers  know that I used to cover a lot of the prophetic voices often. I’ve scaled that way back because several things started to bother me about that.

It’s unfortunate because I think these are people who mean well and are coming from a good place….and I like them!

I found them so interested and loved covering them.

But I’ve scaled it way back and I’ll publish a more detailed article soon explaining in detail why.

That said, this one popped up in my YouTube feed and I had to listen.

I’m covering it now if for no other reason than to document in the event we see this play out.

So here it Timothy Dixon and I would encourage you to listen but for those who don’t have the time the main thrust of what he says is that they will attempt to kill President Trump.

Now that’s not Earth-shattering, because if you’ve been around for a while and lived through Kennedy and Reagan then you know it’s almost guaranteed they would try to take out Trump.

In fact, I believe they’ve tried and failed many times ONLY by the protection of the Mighty Right hand of God.

That’s no prophetic word, that’s just what I believe.

Back to Dixon.

The really interesting thing is he says they will try to kill him many ways, poison and other methods, but then a shooter will attempt to take him out.

That attempt will be spotted and stopped by the Secret Service.

And this will all be very public.

So….that’s bold enough that I’m covering it here to document and we’ll most certainly stop back and revisit this if that happens.

And hey — while I don’t like this topic, if Dixon is correct in his prophetic word, at least we can rest assured knowing the outcome is also secured and Trump stays safe.

Watch here:


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