Ray Epps’s Movements Went “Off-Grid” For Two Hours on January 5th – What Was He Doing?


I love former War Room cohost Raheem Kassam. He’s a very good, in-depth reporter, but he’s also very witty. It’s a great and very lethal combination.

A while back he did a great piece on the Ray Epps testimony. He went through and read all of it, and then broke it all down, if you haven’t read it, I highly suggest it. You can find the entire piece here. But, one thing that stood out to me, and something I thought was worth talking about, was the missing “two hours” in Ray Epps DC movements on January 5th – the day before the big “insurrection.” 🙄

According to the testimony, and record of text messages, Ray falls off the radar for a couple of hours, and of course, the clowns on the J6 Committee, did absolutely no digging to see what was gong on, or whom Ray Epps could’ve been with.

Yep, great job, guys…

Here’s what Raheem Kassam said in his tweet: There’s a strange two hour gap in Epps’s movements that the committee never dig into, the night of Jan 5th. He loses his son, and takes hours to return to his hotel 10 mins walk away.

And here’s a more detailed look from Raheem’s Substack:

On page 33, we learn that Epps’s son Jim had text his dad, asking if he was still out at BLM Plaza.

Q: “It looks like you had a lengthy — or 140 seconds, so what’s that? That’s not even 3 minutes — conversation with your son just after midnight. Is that possible that you guys were separated still at that point, or were you back to the hotel room?”

Epps: “Yes, it is possible. I had to walk back.”
Okay, he had to walk back. Does that account for the near TWO HOUR difference between when Epps’s son text him, and when he appears to reach the hotel? Not really. Something else strange happens at this point in the conversation: the questioner asks for a break, and when they return, Epps has additional counsel.

We know that Epps says he stayed at the “Washington Marriott”. Well, there are indeed a few Marriotts in D.C., but not a lot of “Washington Marriotts”. There are Courtyards by Marriott, AC Hotels by Marriott, etc. But in so far as hotels named “Marriott” – there are three biggies: the Washington Marriott, the Washington Marriott Georgetown, and the JW Marriott, as indicated below. There’s also the new Marriott Marquis attached to the D.C. Convention Center, where you see the ‘Unconventional Diner’ on the map:

The walk from BLM Plaza to the Washington Marriott takes 10 minutes. The walk from BLM Plaza to the JW Marriott takes 12 minutes. The walk between the JW Marriott and the Washington Marriott is 8 minutes. So unless Epps really got turned around and walked 10 blocks in the wrong direction to the Georgetown Marriott, or 20 minutes to the Marriott Marquis – several times over – the idea that the two hours is accounted for by trying to find his hotel 10 minutes away makes little sense. He might’ve ambled around, but remember, this is an old dude in a strange city, who was just in a fracas with randos at BLM Plaza, at midnight.

His son even text him at 10:30pm, asking his whereabouts but on page 38 we learn that Epps was still making calls at 12:17am and 12:19am, to his son and his brother “Scott or Darrell” (he oddly can’t remember) respectively. This time period, broadly unaccounted for, is never further explored by the committee. But within 6 hours or so, the trio – Epps, his son, and his son’s friend Zack – were outside the White House ready for the rally at the Ellipse.

Interesting, right?

What was Ray doing for those two hours, and who can confirm where he was?

These are all questions we should get answers to now that the GOP is in charge of the House… so will that happen, or is this coverup just too big to seriously touch?


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