“Red Flag” Supporter and Suspected Fraudster Bill Mitchell Declares Support For “DeSantis 2024” in Bizarre Online Meltdown


Back in the very early days of MAGA Twitter, around 2015-2016, Bill Mitchell was a pro-Trump fixture, and he seemed like a really normal guy, filled with common sense, and some very interesting “takes” on things like polling and even political strategy. There was nothing “bizarre” or strange about him, and many people actually found a lot of comfort from Bill on election night 2016, as he calmed everyone down, and kept the train going. Seriously, he seemed like a great guy…

And then everything changed.

I am not sure if it was his ego that got in the way, or if he had a mental breakdown, but the once affable guy who always had an interesting point of view, suddenly turned into this argumentative drama king, who was picking fights with other popular MAGA accounts, trying to get MAGA supporters fired from their jobs, and attacking many people on the right using really nasty liberal tactics.

It didn’t take long for Bill’s once-shining reputation to sully, but people still thought he was this guy with “great polling wisdom.”

But that reputation was also shattered when many smaller right-wing accounts came out, claiming Bill had been stealing their “polling analysis” and posting it as if it were his own.

That was a big blow to Bill’s “persona.”

From that point on, Bill turned into a guy overflowing with drama and consumed by his own ego.

His Twitter account became less about Trump, and more about him. At one point, Bill was even voicing his anger over the fact that Trump’s team didn’t pay him to be a “consultant.”

He’d rant and rave for days on one hysterical and controversial topic, and when the heat and backlash would get to be too much, Bill would finally calm down for a few weeks or so, and change his tone — and then like clockwork, he’d have another bizarre outburst and the chaos and drama would start all over again.

Things finally came to a head for Bill when he was called out for a “condo scandal” that occurred.

It all started when Bill claimed he was “moving” his show from North Carolina to D.C. and even said he wanted to build a “Tonight Show-style”set where he could interview people in person.

He said this venture and move would be very costly, so he started (many) generic GoFundMe’s to help fund this supposed big move to D.C. and to build his “set.”

Bill pushed this fundraising for about 90 days, talking incessantly about this “DC move.” But when the 90 days was up, and Bill had raised (at least) 15K, he packed up and moved to a spiffy condo in Florida.


People were shocked and saddened, and this started Bill’s new reputation as a “fraud” and a “grifter.” Two labels that have really stuck.


Bill also got walloped when he was pushing heavily for the very unpopular “red flag” laws.

Honestly, this guy doesn’t know what it means to be a true “conservative.” He just goes with whatever he thinks sounds good.

It doesn’t feel sincere.

Not long after the condo mess and the red flag disaster, Bill was permanently suspended from Twitter. He took his sideshow on the road, hitting up Parler, GETTR, and GAB… still causing drama, and still fundraising and raking in lots of cash.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with raising funds to help keep your operation going, that’s normal. But to lie about what you’re doing with the money is not right, nor is that fair to the good people of MAGA.

But after Elon took over Twitter, things changed again…

Bill had his account reinstated and is back on Twitter, and it took no time for him to start the drama again.

The good news is that it looks as if the good people of MAGA may not have to worry about being hoodwinked by Bill, because he’s now jumped off the Trump Train, and is supporting – and fighting with all his might – to get the GOPe establishment guy, Ron DeSantis, elected.

Bill went crazy for days, BASHING Trump. It was similar to so many of his other dramatic online “breakdowns.” And he received a lot of backlash for it… probably a lot more than he thought or expected… so of course, now Bill is calming down, deleting tweets, and changing his tone.

Typical of his cycle of disfunction.

He’s not talking about Trump as if he’s “Satan” himself, anymore. Now Bill is back to pretending to be the “steady and calm” voice of reason… good lord.

But again, this is very typical of Bill; he senses when the heat he’s caused gets to be too much, so he cools off, and lets things settle, before he winds up again, and goes crazy once more.

And on and on this weird, and unhealthy cycle goes…

I am not a doctor, but I can tell you this much. This whole situation definitely has a “bipolar” feel to it, in my personal opinion.

That tweet Bill posted is very interesting.

It definitely has some “projection” vibes to it: Imagine if you could copy Bill, make him younger, smarter, and less divisive, egotistical, and dramatic…what a better “tweeter” he’d be, right?

Bill’s bizarre ego is once again out of control:

He’s also attacking Trump loyalists like Marjorie Taylor Greene, and it’s probably only a matter of time before he goes after Kari Lake, too.

If you ask me, Bill is an unserious clown and all he’s doing right now is looking for another way to milk “conservatives.” And this time around, he thinks he’s going to finally make it and get into the DeSantis camp as a “paid” consultant.

That’s my opinion.

Who would pay this nutjob for anything?

If you ask me, Bill is just another bandwagoner who sees ($$$) more potential with DeSantis than Trump, and is going to try something new and get a group of fresh fans to support him and his “GoFundMe condos.”

I wouldn’t go near this Twitter ticking time bomb…support Bill Mitchell at your own risk…


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