Remember Those Green Lasers Over Hawaii?


Do you remember back in January of 2023 when a whole bunch of green lasers showed up in the skies over Hawaii?

That was weird, right?

We covered it back then and then everyone kind of forgot about it and moved on.

But….perhaps we need to take another look?

Because a big portion of Maui was just cooked to a crisp, and it does not look like a normal “wildfire”.

It looks like something much more intense.

I’ll just come right out and say it…it looks like what might happen if you had a giant matrix of green lasers from satellites in the sky over the island and you “turned on” the beams and aimed them at, say, Lahaina Town.

Understand this: the green lasers were real, that story was not fake.

In fact, Twitter’s community notes even confirmed they’re not only real but they’re a China/USA partnership:

You would have to be NAIIVE to not at least ask the question about whether this is now related to Lahaina Town being cooked to a crisp, as if etched off the face of the Earth by…..a laser.

But many are asking…

Many are NOT naiive….

People are waking up, and the red pilling is happening faster and faster each time we have an event like this:

Need to see:

Tim Pool is asking questions:

Here is Fox News:

What do you think is going on here?

Are these two events related?

Or just a wild, random coincidence?

Let me phrase it another way….

If a green laser matrix shows up over your city, are you putting your house for sale that same day?

Answer honestly…


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