RESTORED: Banned Clip From SNL Ran Only Once In 1998


Find out who you’re not allowed to criticize and that will tell you who truly controls the world.

Especially when you’re so threatened by a CARTOON that you can’t ever allow it to run ever again on TV.

That’s what happened here with this Cartoon when it ran exactly ONE TIME on SNL before being banned from ever running again.

What was its crime?

Exposing the “Elites” who run things behind the scenes.

Exposing the illusion of choice.

There is no real choice out there.

The same 4 companies own all the media.

The same 8-9 companies own all the consumer goods.

Then they just create dozens of brands underneath them to make it look like there’s so much diversity and choice.

It’s kind of like how Blackrock allegedly owns both Fox News and the D*m*n*n voting machines and the whole lawsuit was just transferring money from one pocket to the other.

But it sure puts on a good show!

Now watch this short clip to see how threatened “they” were by a cartoon on SNL:

Did you catch the Eye of Horus in there?

Always the symbolism!


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