SHOCKING: Investigation Of Swing State Rolls Finds 20,000 Dead Voters


A new report from the Virginia Department of Elections released Monday has revealed that the agency discovered the names of almost 20,000 dead people registered to vote while working to purge the voter rolls.

According to The Daily Wire, the mistake which led to 18,990 dead folks being dutifully registered to vote in Virginia was stated to be a “computer coding error.”

Virginia elections commissioner Susan Beals told WTOP-TV, “It was a computer coding error that missed between the date of the death being reported and the date of the death certificate.”

“We are in the process of building a new statewide voter registration system, and I want to make sure that the data we put into that system is as up-to-date as it can possibly be,” she added.

Beals told reporters that while the names would be removed from the voting system, she was unaware of the extent of the problem.

“I knew that there was something there, but I didn’t know that it was this big.”

To true-up the voting records the election department told the press it had pulled records from the Virginia Department of Health which possesses them going back over sixty years.

A departmental press release explained, “As a result of these findings and process improvements, citizens can expect to see a significant number of names removed from Virginia’s voter rolls.”

“Maintaining the accuracy and security of our voter list continues to be a top priority for ELECT as the agency transitions to the new statewide voter registration system,” said Beals.

“Through new mechanisms for updating our voter rolls, the department is working towards a best-in-class data voter registration list with the most accurate data available.”

According to The Daily Wire, the state is working to update the system by also giving local registrars the authority to take dead people off the list.

“We have made it easier to identify and remove deceased voters more quickly,” Beals said. “This is actually something that registrars have requested.”


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