Steve Bannon Delivers Fiery Speech At Turning Point USA Conference In Detroit


Former White House chief advisor and current “War Room” host Steve Bannon called for the complete dismantling of the FBI while speaking at the Turning Point USA conference on Saturday.

“We are not prepared to be governed by criminals. And we are going to purge DOJ. We’re going to take apart the FBI. The FBI, the American Gestapo,” an energetic Bannon told the Detroit crowd. “That building on Pennsylvania Avenue, we don’t need $400 million for a new headquarters. You’re not going to need a headquarters. You’re not going to be in the FBI. We’re going to get everybody out of that building. We’re going to take it down ugly slab by ugly slab. It’s the ugliest building on Pennsylvania Avenue. And we’re going to do what the Romans did to Carthage. We’re going to salt the earth around it so there’ll never be another building there again.”

Bannon — who was just told to report to federal prison for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the partisan January 6 committee — has repeatedly stated that he is not afraid of jail. In response to critics who claim that the FBI does important work on counterterrorism and other cases, Bannon rejected the notion. “Yeah, they did great work on terrorism. 9-11, great work. You haven’t gotten anything right in the CIA, you haven’t gotten anything right in 50 years because you’re spending all your time going after Catholics praying rosaries at abortion centers. You’re going after moms and dads going to school boards. You’re an American Gestapo and it’s going to end on our watch.”

Elsewhere in the fiery speech, Bannon predicted that former President Donald Trump will be sentenced to prison. The former president — who was convicted on 34 felony counts in a Manhattan case plagued by political bias — is due to be sentenced just days before the Republican National Convention on July 11.

“President Trump, when he takes this stand tonight, is now eligible for 700 years in prison. They want him to serve all of it,” Bannon told the Detroit crowd. “They bankrupted him, they smeared his name, and on July 11th they’re going to start by giving him a several year prison sentence and have Judge Merchan be the custodian of where he can go, and how he can campaign in direct election interference.”

“Let me tell the people that have done that to President Trump, whether you’re in the federal government or whether you’re down in the state of Georgia or you’re in Arizona or you’re in Michigan, we are going to be investigated, prosecuted, and incarcerated. Okay? We are not going to stop. This has nothing to do with retribution. It has nothing to do with justice.”


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