Still BeLIEve The Official 9/11 Story? You Won’t After Seeing This!


You don’t simply “get over” or “move on” from 9/11.

Especially when everything they’ve ever told you about it is a lie.

Don’t believe me?

Keep reading…

Because we will continue to investigate and report on the truth.

Shall we talk Building 7?

How it came down at free-fall speed, even though it was never hit by anything?

We won’t even get into that right now.

For now, I just want to cover the alleged video evidence of the crash and ask you to please compare the two videos that are shown in this clip.

Watch here on Rumble:

Backup here if that link doesn’t work:

Don’t trust your lying eyes folks!

If we rolled out Dan Rather to that gymnasium and he told you a whale really did pop up out of the floor and splash everyone in the gym, half of you would beLIEve it.

Don’t be deceived.

Or how about this one?

EXPOSED: The TRUTH About 9/11 — In Their Own Words

Time to wake up folks…

Spread the word!

Now I leave you with this…

This is the “official story” they want you to believe.

You tell me, which is more insane….believing this story or questioning it?

Backup here on Rumble:


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