Ted Cruz Accuses DOJ Of Obstructing Justice


Senator Ted Cruz of Texas believes the Department of Justice is obstructing justice by protecting the Biden Family.

During an appearance on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, the former Republican presidential candidate said it is “abundantly clear” that the Justice Department is doing all it can to impede the investigation into Hunter Biden.

He also said the DOG is doing significantly more to protect Joe Biden.

From Newsmax:

“We had two IRS whistleblowers come forward,” the Texas Republican told Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo. “They accused Attorney General Merrick Garland of lying under oath to Congress.”

One of the “clearest examples” is the text message Hunter Biden sent to a Chinese official demanding millions of dollars, and “saying ‘I’m sitting next to my father,’” Cruz added. “The investigators naturally wanted to get GPS data to confirm that Hunter was next to Joe Biden… the Department of Justice said no.”

Cruz also accused special prosecutor David Weiss of being the “slowest prosecutor on the face of the planet. That’s not an accident,” said the senator. “He deliberately allowed the statute of limitations to expire on several of the worst criminal offenses Hunter Biden committed, in particular those dealing with millions of dollars from Burisma. I think the reason he allowed [them] to expire is those dollars are directly tied to daddy, to President Joe Biden.”

But the president won’t answer questions about the text message to China, and “David Weiss and the Department of Justice seem desperately committed to avoiding any evidence being assembled,” said Cruz. “We do have evidence on Ukraine in particular that Joe Biden demanded the firing of the prosecutor that was investigating the corrupt oligarch who owns Burisma” and that he threatened to withhold wound guarantees until the prosecutor was fired.

Even though Cruz personally requested Weiss to investigate Hunter Biden last year, he has soured on him earlier this year and accused him of colluding with the Bidens.


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