Ted Cruz Drops Bombshell That Changes Everything!


Texas Senator Ted Cruz shut down the Democrats and humiliated the media when he dropped a bombshell about Biden’s IRS whistleblower. Cruz made the shocking revelation on his podcast Verdict with Ted Cruz.

Ted said: “It is a fact that this sweetheart deal, which the Biden White House desperately, desperately, desperately, wants to close the door on all investigations on Joe Biden.

“Provides that Hunter Biden serve not a minute in jail. Not a day in jail, served no jail time at all for millions of dollars in tax fraud.

“The DOJ tipped off Hunter Biden over and over and over again to thwart search warrants, to thwart investigations.

“At this point, the statements between Merrick Garland and David Weiss one side and the two IRS whistleblowers on the other side are entirely in conflict.

“The whistleblowers, as I’ve noted, we have no reason to think they’re lying.

“One of them is a gay Democrat who’s married to a man.

“Both of them are career IRS employees.

“Neither of them have any indication that they’re in any way, shape or form Republican.

“And they’ve come over and risked their entire careers by calling out what appears to be a pattern of felonies.”


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