Ted Cruz: Every reporter should be asking Biden this question


Republican Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has called on Congress to launch an impeachment inquiry into Democrat President Joe Biden over allegations he received millions of dollars in bribes.

Cruz made the call during an appearance on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Speaking with host Maria Bartiromo, Cruz was discussing the appointment of U.S. Attonrey David Weiss as special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.

“I think it’s disgraceful,” Cruz told Bartiromo.

“David Weiss was the U.S. attorney handpicked to lead this investigation who spent the last five years covering it up.

“David Weiss, who was personally selected by the two Democrat senators from Delaware, Tom Carper and Chris Coons, for five years, the investigation has gone nowhere, other than to protect Hunter Biden and Joe Biden,” Cruz further asserted.

“Not only that, David Weiss is the one that is subject to two whistle-blower complaints from senior career IRS officials who came forward,” Cruz continued.

“They said they’d never seen an investigation like this in their entire time in law enforcement.

“They said that the Department of Justice lawyers working for David Weiss protected the Biden family, that they gave heads-up to Hunter Biden before search warrants were executed, presumably so that he could hide incriminating evidence, that they refused to allow them to ask any questions at all about the Big Guy, about Joe Biden, that they were focused on, you cannot inquire into President Joe Biden’s personal corruption.”

“David Weiss either was an active participant in covering up this criminality and protecting Joe Biden in engaging in obstruction of justice.

“That’s option one. Or, option two, he wasn’t the driver.

“He was just complicit,” Cruz explained.

“He was so weak that he couldn’t stop the partisans in main Justice from turning it into a political effort to protect Joe Biden.

“Either case, he is a wildly inappropriate person to be a special counsel,” he concluded.

Turning to claims that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s alleged corruption, Cruz shot down the assertion.

Cruz noted that it was “Joe Biden business.”

“Hunter has no marketable skills,” Cruz explained.

“No one on planet Earth would pay him $20 million to do anything.”

“What Hunter was selling was daddy.

“This was Joe Biden’s business, shaking down — mind you, not shaking down our friends, not shaking down France or England or Italy, but shaking down corrupt oligarchs in communist China, to the tune of over $20 million,” Cruz urged.

“Hunter was the salesman, but the product was Joe Biden’s personal favors,” Cruz further emphasized.

“And that is, if true, corruption at the very highest level of government.”

When asked if he supports moving forward with an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, Cruz said: “Absolutely yes.



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