‘The Bill of Rights is GONE!’ Glenn Beck on what America will look like in 2 years and it is GRIM … and NOT far-fetched


Glenn Beck was on with Tucker Carlson last night and his take on what we can say about the future of the Unite States after this week’s indictment of Donald Trump is nothing short of GRIM. Dire. Dark. Nearly apocalyptic.

“The Bill of Rights is gone,” Beck told Tucker. “Nobody is paying attention.”

It is a scary time in America, and the indictment is a function of it, but not the whole of it. They are, as you know, attacking on every possible front. They have declared war on the souls of our children, the lives of the unborn, the halls of government, the streets of our cities, the principles of the Constitution, and the very concepts of our faiths.

The radical, atheist, marxist mob is everywhere in America, at every level of society, and they started the war long before most of us under seige knew we were on a battlefield at all. Decades of work coming to fruition now, darkening our skies and our future.

Glenn Beck, who is by no means always right or even always seemingly in his total right mind, is sure as shooting on a righteous roll here, though.

“This is insanity!” he says.

It is. And it’s everywhere you look.


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