The SMOKING GUN Text Message That Should Send Hunter and Joe To PRISON!


Prison or GITMO.

I think probably when you sell out your country for money (literally), I think that’s more GITMO than Prison, but I’m not really an expert.

But I do know that this is quite literally treason when you use the office of the President and Vice President of the United States for your own financial gain.

Until now, we maybe didn’t have the smoking gun.

Oh we had a LOT of smoke.

We had “10% for the Big Guy”…

We had whistleblowers.

We had so much.

Enough that would send a normal person to prison for consecutive life sentences.

But now we have the Smoking Gun.

A text message from Hunter to the Chinese Communist Party saying he is “sitting here with my father” and then proceeding to blackmail them for money.

Check this out:

Here is Maria Bartiromo reading the text message:

Read it for yourself here:

Zoom in:

And here is rPOTUS talking about it:

Truly a “bombshell” and that’s why I reserve that word for situations ONLY like this.

Here is Glenn Beck breaking it all down:


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