The Tables Have Turned! Alvin Bragg Is Now In Hot Water…


Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is now in the hot seat, as the tables have turned on the prosecutor. …

According to recent court filings, Bragg is now facing two separate lawsuits from The Heritage Foundation regarding his prosecutorial action against President Trump.

The Heritage Foundation believes that Bragg was colluding with the Department of Justice and other federal authorities to indict the former President.

Additionally, the conservative think tank has alleged that the Manhattan DA’s office is withholding documents subject to New York’s Freedom of Information Law.

Here are the first several pages of one of the complaints filed against Alvin Bragg, you can read the full complaint here:

Fox News reported on the second lawsuit filed by Heritage:

A separate lawsuit filed by Heritage alleges that Bragg and his team retained pro bono assistance from major law firms that specialize in white-collar litigation.

They are now asking the court to declare requested documents as “subject to release under the New York Freedom of Information Law,” declare that Bragg and his team provide said documents, and bar his team from “seeking costs and fees for the request at issue in this case.”

The Epoch Times had more on the story:

Neither Trump nor his lawyers have yet to respond to the lawsuit. Bragg’s office also has not made any public remarks.

Responding to the Heritage lawsuits, a spokesperson for Bragg’s office told the New York Post on Friday: “We’ll decline to comment and respond in court papers.”

In the meantime, Trump’s lawyers are trying to move the case to a federal court or demanding that New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan recuse himself.


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