As I’ve said before, I always know when multiple people email me something that it’s gonna be good.

And that’s what happened with links to this new video called Dark To Light.

It’s on Rumble from “Eye Drop Media”.

Here’s what they said in the description:

I’m pleased to announce after a long absence, Eye have returned with a new video – Dark to Light. The Great Awakening.

This video is a one-off creation – and, as such, it is almost four times as long as my usual videos. At 518 seconds long…..every second counts. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Dark to Light is a visual journey through darkness into the light. As we continue watching the greatest show in history and welcome in a new earth together…always remember – ‘Where we go one, we go all’.

This video took me a very long time to create. I’m still in the process of producing more creative work, and I (Eye) do hope to get back into more regular content production soon. If you enjoy my artistic work , and would like me to continue to produce content, you can buy me a beer at

Now please enjoy watching it here on Rumble and if you loved it please share with a friend:


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