‘This Was a Coup’: Trump Claims He Was the Victim of Overthrow Attempt


On Tuesday’s episode of Dan Bongino’s show, former President Donald Trump discussed the highly anticipated Durham Report, shedding light on the alarming depths of the deep state’s subversive activities. With his characteristic candidness, Trump boldly labeled the orchestrated efforts against his presidency as nothing short of a coup.

Trump’s words carried the weight of someone who had closely scrutinized the findings of the report, stating, “I fired a lot of people, but the deep state goes deep.” The President’s decision to dismiss James Comey, the former FBI Director, early on in his administration drew praise, with Trump asserting, “I fired him very, very early, and it was a great firing. They were looking to do real bad.”

With conviction, Trump expressed his deep concern, declaring, “This was a coup that they were looking at. These are sick people.” Trump emphasized the urgent need to dismantle the deep state’s influence, not only in one location but throughout various institutions.

The former President highlighted a troubling association, stating, “I don’t know if you know, but we have a friend of Weissman, a very good friend of Weissman, and this Jack Smith and his wife hate Trump. They’ve campaigned against Trump.”

Trump also expressed his frustration with the ongoing charade, highlighting the presence of embedded individuals within government agencies. He implicated both RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and radical left Democrats, applauding the show’s dedication to fighting against the radical left.

“It’s a continuation of the same hoax,” Trump said, firmly characterizing the deep state’s actions as a coordinated effort by entrenched interests. He urged Attorney General to intervene swiftly, stating, “We have a hoax going on right now, and it should be stopped immediately.”

As the Durham Report continues to unravel the intricate web of deceit, Trump’s candid interview with Bongino shows the deep state’s infiltration into the highest echelons of power, and he’s not the only one.

On Monday, Sen. Hawley passionately expressed his belief that there must be consequences for the actions revealed in the Durham Report, urging for prosecutions of the Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton herself.

Hawley emphasized the alarming connection between Clinton’s public statements on collusion and her campaign’s alleged involvement in feeding misinformation to the FBI.

“People need to be prosecuted for this. The Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton herself, is it any coincidence that she is tweeting about collusion at exactly the same time her campaign operatives are feeding this BS to the FBI? I don’t think so,” stated Hawley firmly during the interview.

Not stopping at holding Clinton accountable, Hawley voiced his concerns about the state of the FBI, calling for a change in leadership and advocating for a complete overhaul of the agency.

“FBI leadership has clearly got to be changed…I’m of the mind we need to end the FBI as we know it. It needs to be broken up. I mean, clearly it has become corrupt. The leadership is corrupt,” he exclaimed.

The long-awaited Durham Report concluded that the FBI’s initiation of the Trump-Russia Probe was unjustified. Many Americans have seen this as evidence of deception against the public once again, particularly among those who oppose American exceptionalism. Special Counsel John Durham’s extensive investigation revealed significant shortcomings in the Department of Justice and FBI’s adherence to the law.

Hawley’s displeasure for the FBI is warranted. The bureau has taken significant flak lately. Three former FBI officials are set to testify on Thursday, revealing retaliatory actions they faced from the FBI after expressing their concerns. The whistleblowers will disclose that FBI officials manipulated data on domestic violent extremism to align with the political narratives of the Biden administration.

The senator, however, did express a deep respect for the actual hardworking FBI agents in the field, underlining the stark contrast between their dedication and the alleged politicization of the agency’s leadership. “You can talk to FBI agents in the field. I was just doing this just this past week. Great folks in my home state all over the place, but they’re not served by this leadership. This leadership has become totally, radically politicized, and we’ve got to change it,” Hawley asserted.


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