Trump Campaign Gets Game-Changing News In Critical Blue State


One of the most closely watched swing states is now heavily trending toward President Donald Trump, a reminder that Biden’s grasp in the race is quickly slipping away.

Wisconsin, the midwestern battleground narrowly won by Trump in 2016 and four years later by President Biden, now appears decisively in the Republican’s corner following a new poll conducted by AARP. Elena Schneider of Politico reported on the results showing that Trump has amassed a 6% lead, far outpacing his 0.77% margin of victory as well as Biden’s 0.63% win in 2020.

The poll gauged support among voters 50 and older, and AARP claimed the results actually showed a 9-point lead by Trump in a 52% to 43% matchup. Among Wisconsin voters of all ages, Trump’s lead narrowed to 5%. Over 1,000 likely AARP voters were polled in the days following Biden’s disastrous debate performance. The poll found that 75 percent of voters 50-plus said they watched the debate and 94 percent said they were aware of it. When asked who won, 59 percent of voters 50-plus said Trump, while 16 percent said Biden. Among all voters polled, 56 percent said Trump won the debate while 13 percent chose Biden.

Bob Ward, a partner at pollsters Fabrizio Ward, said opinions about Biden’s bad debate night are “having an impact” on his loss of support. “It’s changed this state, not dramatically, but noticeably,” he told AARP.

America’s heartland has become an epicenter of the path to 270 electoral votes this year. Democrats in Michigan have sounded the alarm bells about growing discontent among party faithful with Biden’s mental acuity as well as his disregard for the auto industry by implementing new electric vehicle mandates. After serving as a bellwether state for generations, Ohio has become firmly Republican in presidential elections. Pennsylvania is proving to be a must-win state for President Biden; if he loses it along with Wisconsin he would almost certainly lose his path to 270.

Over the weekend the embattled president conducted interviews in both states, one of which generated more negative publicity at an inopportune time. A host at Philadelphia radio station WURD was forced to resign after she admitted to accepting a list of pre-approved questions from the Biden campaign, a media effort that the president’s team later said they would terminate.

Even before his debate, President Biden was falling behind Trump in every swing state. A general election poll conducted by Bloomberg and Morning Consult found the former president and Republican frontrunner leading Biden by an average of 4.5 percent across Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, and Arizona. The poll, which surveyed more than 4,900 voters between November 27th and December 1st, carries a margin of error of just plus or minus 1 percent.

All of these states, with the exception of North Carolina, went for President Biden three years ago.


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