Trump Does A Seinfeld: “Sleepy Joe”


These crack me up!

And I have to show you each time a new one comes out.

Absolutely hilarious!

I’ll put all the prior ones down below, but first here’s the latest….

President Trump doing a “comedy routine” about “Sleepy Joe”.


And here are the prior ones:

Trump Does A Seinfeld – Toilets and Showers

These continue to crack me up!

It’s pure perfection….

You add the Seinfeld music, a few cut scenes to a standup crowd, and it’s wild!

It’s not just funny, it’s almost perfectly Jerry’s comedic timing.

Cracks me up every time, and this is one someone actually special requested.

In the last video, one of the comments said “You have to do the toilets and showers bit next” and apparently their wish was granted.


Backup here:

And if you missed some of the old ones, I have them for you below….

Trump Does A Seinfeld — Part 3

There is so much creativity out there in MAGA world…

I supposed I should say I’m not sure if these are made in loving admiration or more mean-spirited, but I think they’re hilarious and also kind of uncanny.

It’s amazing how you just slap some Seinfeld music over the top of some of the hilarious things Trump says and it feels literally like a Seinfeld routine.

Not just a “comedy routine” but specifically Seinfeld.

So I take them in the sense that imitation is the highest form of flattery and I think they’re hilarious.

I’ll post the prior ones down below, but first enjoy this:

People are loving it:

If you loved that, here is the original…

Trump Does A Seinfeld!

Every so often, I find something that REALLY makes me laugh.

There are a lot of things that I just kind of chuckle at…

Things that are amusing…

But then every so often you find something that literally makes you laugh out loud.

It’s only 43 seconds but I found it today.

Somebody took President Trump’s riff on paper straws from 2 years ago and put some Seinfeld music behind it and the result is pure perfection!

His timing is perfect and the material is classic Jerry Seinfeld observational humor.

Enjoy this one:

Backup here:

Here are my top three favorite comments in response…


Genius editing!

If you can edit like this, contact me and I want to hire you!

Then I gotta say I agree with this next one:

Jerry is good, but he’s not topping this delivery!

And of course we have to end with my favorite:

Jerk Store!

I shoulda said Jerk Store!

Meanwhile, on a more serious note, what do REAL comedians think of Trump jokes?

Two of the best out there on my list are the aforementioned Jerry Seinfeld and then in the George Washington slot on Mt. Rushmore it would be Norm Macdonald.

The best of the best.

What do these guys think about comedians attacking Trump with “jokes”?

They don’t like it.

They don’t find it funny.

They think it’s lazy.

And they’re right.

The late night TV hosts attacking Trump night after night often times don’t even have a punchline, it’s just hatred of Donald Trump.

That’s comedy now?

Maybe we should listen to two of the best to ever do it.

Here’s Jerry Seinfeld’s take:

And here’s Norm, on all things Trump.

You gotta love Norm’s story about asking Trump for a picture on Jimmy Fallon, it’s hilarious.

But then Norm gets serious and as he so often does, Norm can changes gears from going 100 miles per hour on something outrageously wild and inappropriate and hilarious to being deeply introspective and insightful.

And that’s what he does here.

Norm was asked about Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Trump and Norm had a brilliant take.

Norm said if you’re impersonating someone, you have to actually like that person…because they instinctively like themselves.

So any impersonation that starts off with hatred for the person is doomed to fail.

Brilliant insight.

Watch here:

Now back to my prior point…

I’m curious how this will end up in the Comments below, but I want your take on TOP TEN best comedians.

And set aside if they became Far-Left later in life.

I’m talking about in their prime, who was the funniest?

In no particular order except for Norm at #1, here’s a first draft of my list:

1 – Norm Macdonald

2 – Dave Chappelle

3 – Jim Gaffigan

4 – Sebastian Maniscalco (I don’t consider Sebastian a physical comedian, although most do)

5 – Mitch Hedburg

6 – Chris Rock

7 – Steve Martin (one of the rare physical comedians I like)

8 – George Carlin

9 – ???

10 – ???

Help me out, who gets 9 and 10?






Not making even my Top 20 are:

Louis CK – sorry I just don’t find him funny

Amy Schumer – need I say more?

John Mulaney

Hey, on a different topic, can I get your vote on this please?

They’ve even got Matt Gaetz doing one and it’s also pretty good!

Matt Gaetz Does A Seinfeld

What’s the dealllll with Kevin McCarthy?

Ok, that’s not the setup to an actual joke, but if it was Jerry Seinfeld could do it!

But what I really want to show you is this hilarious clip from Matt Gaetz.

I can’t tell if they used a little AI to give his voice that classic “Seinfeld” tone the way he finishes each sentence with a slightly upturned humorous tone?

Or if simply slapping the Seinfeld music under the track was enough, but this is hilarious.

Every once in a while you have to just stop and laugh and this is one of those times.

So enjoy this, here is Matt Gaetz doing a Seinfeld routine:

Backup here:

My only complaint is it isn’t longer!


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