Early on, when people would say “You’re watching a movie” I didn’t buy it.

I didn’t really like the phrase.

You’ll notice until very recently I never used that phrase or reported on it at all.

But now?

Recently I have started to see so much EVIDENCE (and “evidence” is the key word — not hopium, but evidence) that perhaps we are indeed watching a somewhat scripted movie play out that I’ve started to pay attention to the idea a lot closer.

In fact, just last week I wrote a big article about it connecting several dots and showing you multiple different clips from President Trump making the case.

I’ll post that article down below in case you missed it.

And now on the heels of that article, today we get this from President Trump:

I mean, come on folks — how much clearer can he make it?

You almost have to laugh at how blatantly obvious that one is!

And yes, I have heard from many people that President Trump reads this website so perhaps this is his hat tip to our article from last week.

In that case, hat tip back Mr. President!

Here is the actual video which is indeed a “Must Watch”:

There is even a Q connection here.

I don’t get too far into this stuff, but Stormy Patriot Joe explains:

Ok, now let’s go back and look at the article I posted last week and I think even more dots will connect in your head:

Trump Has Been Telling Us All Along?

I’m just throwing this out there and you can make of it what you will…

You could chalk it all up to just common phrases used over and over with no bigger meaning or purpose behind them.

But I’m starting to wonder if perhaps they do have meaning.

I’m starting to wonder if we truly are going to see and end to this “movie” play out soon, and I’m wondering if when we look back in hindsight if it will be a “Sixth Sense” moment.

You remember that movie?

(30 year old) SPOILER ALERT: In one of the most legendary twists to end a movie of all time, you find out at the end that Bruce Willis has been dead the whole time.

You immediately ask yourself, “But….how can that be?”

We saw him talking to people throughout the movie, did they know he was dead?

But then the flashbacks start and you quickly realize you didn’t really see what you thought you saw.

It was all hidden in plain view, but you missed it.

The entire audience missed it for the whole movie.

But when you look back, it’s obvious.

And I wonder if that’s how this “movie” is going to end.

Will we look back and see that Trump was telling us BIG clues all along?

Will we look back and see it was all hidden in plain sight?

I’ll let you judge for yourself, let’s start here:

He’s shot!

Just a phrase?

He sure does seem to repeat it a LOT.

What do you think?

But that’s not the only example…

Now let’s go to “Central Casting”.

For those who don’t know, Central Casting is a real company that specializes in providing actors and background actors for movies.

Gee, isn’t that interesting?

Again, it could just be a phrase, but he sure does seem to say it a LOT!

Take a look:

Backup here on Rumble:

Literally “Central Casting”?

Then I have one more…

I’m not sure why this doesn’t get more attention.

Here he is point blank telling us “I caught them all”.

I’m not sure how else to interpret that other than at face value.

Which leads to the question I know you’re probably asking at this point….

Ok, if this IS a movie being allowed to play out and if President Trump DID catch them all, then what is he waiting for?

Why is this taking so long?

Well, I have a theory about that and I’ll explain it to you right here:

President Trump Just Confirmed It: “He Already Has All The Evidence!”

President Trump Just Confirmed It: “He Already Has All The Evidence!”

Here’s Why Trump Has Waited SO LONG To Play The Trump Card…

Here’s Why Trump Has Waited SO LONG To Play The Trump Card…

The One Thing From The Tucker-Trump Interview NO ONE Is Talking About!

There was a LOT to unpack from that Tucker / Trump interview last night…

I’ve heard a lot of people comment on Tucker’s final question, asking Trump what his #1 priority will be when back in office, and most feedback I’ve heard on that answer is that it wasn’t his best.

I agree, I think it was a chance for him to announce his retribution tour and promise to fully and finally secure our democracy and he didn’t do it.

But then again, I’ve tried to second-guess Trump in the past only to realize he was 3 steps ahead of me at the time and I just didn’t see it.

I’ve also heard a lot of people talking about when Tucker asked him if the next step was the Deep State trying to kill him.

That was definitely a big moment.

But the biggest moment to me that I haven’t seen anyone talking about was a very short clip where Trump says three times:  “I’m representing everybody.  I represent Republican and Democrat, I’m the President of EVERYBODY!”

Did you catch it?

Three times he used the PRESENT TENSE form of those words.

Watch for yourself here:

Was it just a slip of the tongue 3 times in a row?


Or is Trump once again telling us something, hidden in plain view?

Here’s a bit longer clip so you can see the context:


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