Trump says ‘very talented’ Paxton possible AG pick


DALLAS, Texas (TND) — If he’s elected for a second term as president, Donald Trump said he would consider calling on Ken Paxton to be the U.S. attorney general.

Trump shared the news when asked about it during a recent interview with KDFW.

“I would, actually,” Trump said Saturday when KDFW inquired if he would tap Paxton for the position. “He’s very, very talented. I mean, we have a lot of people that want that one and will be very good at it. But he’s a very talented guy.”

Paxton has shown his support for Trump, as he went to court with Trump amid the former president’s hush money trial.

Paxton has also been through legal troubles of his own, and has railed against what he calls politically motivated prosecutions — a message that echoes Trump’s own.


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