Trump Smacks Down Liberal Reporter With Epic Response: ‘None Of Your Business’


President Donald Trump demonstrated his characteristic wit during a press conference following Monday’s New York appellate court decision reducing the required bail from an initially daunting $454 million to a significantly more manageable $175 million.

Trump’s response to a reporter’s question about potentially investing personal funds into his campaign—something he has not done since 2016—was both a declaration of his financial discretion and a possible hint at his strategic planning for future political endeavors.

“Do you intend to put some of that into the campaign now that the bond’s been reduced? Are you going to start putting money into your campaign?” the reporter asked.

“Well, first of all, it’s none of your business,” Trump hilariously retorted. “But I might. I might do that. I might do that. I have the option.”


The legal victory offers a break for Trump, who has been vocal about the undue pressure and financial strain the case has imposed on him. It also arrives at a consequential time, allowing the former president more leeway in managing his financial resources, which include a substantial amount of liquid assets.

Trump had previously expressed concerns over the financial burden imposed by the original bail amount, suggesting that meeting such a demand would force a distressing “fire sale” of his properties.


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