Trump Team Launches Epic Meme of DeSantis Twitter Space


Whoever in the Trump campaign oversees the creation of memes deserves huge props.

Donald Trump posted a phenomenal meme to his Truth Social account poking fun at the Ron DeSantis-Elon Musk Twitter Space conversation.

In the video, Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk are joined by a revolting set of characters.

The cast includes:

George Soros

Klaus Schwab

Dick Cheney

Adolf Hitler

The Devil


The video begins with Soros interrupting DeSantis as he’s attempting to make his big announcement that he’s running for president.

As the cast tells Soros to shut up, Cheney begins violently coughing into the microphone.

“Okay, so how are we going to take out Trump you guys?” the FBI asks.

“Guys from the FBI, this is not a private call. This is a public Twitter Space. Everyone can listen in,” Musk says.

The FBI vanishes from the room following Musk’s response.

“Everyone just shut the h**l up so I can make my announcement, okay!” DeSantis whines.

“You go girl!” the Devil responds.

“The Devil is gay,” Schwab says.

Then all havoc breaks out in the room.

“I’m running for f****** president, okay!” DeSantis yells.

The whole room tells him they already know.

As Musk begins to close the Twitter Space, Donald Trump joins and has words for the entire cast.

“Hold your horses Elon, the real president is going to say a few words,” Trump says.

Watch below:

Donald Trump didn’t waste the opportunity to take advantage of the disaster.


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