Trump To Gen. Flynn: “Stay Healthy and Get Ready”


Ok, disclaimer alert right off the top….

Do not send me your hate mail or flame me out in the comments section.

Yes, I know this particular clip is from April and I know today is August.

Got that.

But I’m making a connection here which I think is very relevant and in fact timely.

Actually to be fair, it was Jack Posobiec who made the connection and I thought it was very aptly made, so I’m echoing it.

Here is Poso’s post:

So why am I bringing that up now?

Yes, it’s a good clip but why is it relevant now?

It wouldn’t be newsworthy right now if you weren’t watching it in light of the massive story that just broke yesterday.

In fact, this has been our top story for over a week.

We first covered it last week….

We were one of the first news outlets to break this story.

Most didn’t notice because it aired on GBN over in Great Britain.

But we say it and shined a giant spotlight on it.

Then Don Jr. did the same thing a few days later.

And then the big dog, big DaddyT himself (to quote our friend and reporter on the street in D.C., Nancy Drew) posted it and it went VIRAL.

If you missed any of that, you can read below, but as you’re reading below now view all of that in the context of what President Trump told Gen. Flynn back in April:  Stay Healthy and Get Ready, we need you soon!

You see, President Trump already knew all the details.

He didn’t need to wait for us to break this story in August.

He already knew.

And he does stuff like this all the time.

He drips out pieces of the puzzle ahead of time, sometimes things that only make sense in hindsight.

Hey, kind of reminds me of Q, how about you?

Anyway, now read this story in light of his quote to Flynn and get excited…..get VERY excited!

President Trump Just Confirmed It: “He Already Has All The Evidence!”

Here’s Why Trump Has Waited SO LONG To Play The Trump Card…


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