‘TRUMP WAS RIGHT’: CNN’s Jake Tapper Reluctantly Admits Biden Was ‘Wrong’ About Hunter’s Dealings


In an unexpected turn of events, Jake Tapper of CNN conceded on air, “Trump was right… Biden was wrong,” referencing a 2020 debate scuffle where former President Donald Trump made allegations about Hunter Biden’s financial dealings with foreign entities.

The acknowledgment has come on the heels of Glenn Kessler’s Washington Post fact check which indicates that Joe Biden’s prior claims during the 2020 debates might not have been accurate.

According to Kessler’s recent report, Hunter Biden confirmed in court this past July that he received significant payments from Chinese companies. The investigation revealed that Hunter reported an income of nearly $2.4 million in 2017 and $2.2 million in 2018, a majority of which originated from Chinese or Ukrainian interests. This contradicts what Joe Biden lied about during the 2020 presidential debate against Trump.

During the segment, a clip from the debate was played wherein Biden stated, “My son has not made money in terms of this thing, about, what are you talking about China?”

Tapper said, “But I mean, Trump was right. He did make a fortune from China, and Joe Biden was wrong.” Tapper, however, was quick to point out that the former Vice President might have been unaware of these dealings, suggesting that “he might not have been told by Hunter.” However, Tapper called this lack of awareness “a problem.”


Republicans will undoubtedly continue to press this matter. Moreover, the issue is still making its way through the legal system, proving that it is not merely political rhetoric like many on the Left say, but a tangible issue being dealt with by the courts.

In the analysis by Glenn Kessler on the discrepancies between Joe Biden’s debate claims and Hunter Biden’s court testimony, The Washington Post finally reported on Hunter Biden’s business deals in China and Ukraine.

A closer look at the facts reveals that Hunter Biden’s business interests did sometimes overlap with his father’s official duties, to “fact-checker” Kessler’s dismay.

Kessler wrote:

Joe Biden’s comment that Hunter Biden made no money in China was made in the course of a contentious debate in which he rebutted a number of false claims made by Trump. Yet he made his statement in response to a direct question from the moderator. It’s possible he purposely tailored his answer to just the period when he was vice president, but Biden has never been known for such parsing of language. The president tends to be sloppier in his phrasing — which often gets him into trouble.

But the fact remains that Biden, during the debate, denied his son had made money in China. In court last week, his son has said he earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from Chinese business deals.


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